Board of Assessors

Department Summary

The assessors' office is responsible for the administration of all laws and regulations regarding property tax assessment.

In accordance with Massachusetts general laws and department of revenue guidelines, the office administers the valuation of real estate, personal property, motor vehicle and boat excise.

Currently, the office administers or performs the appraisal of over 4,000 parcels of property. Included in this total are residential, commercial, industrial and personal property.

In addition, the assessors' office processes over 10,000 motor vehicle and boat excise tax bills each year.

As part of its daily operation, the assessors' office responds to inquiries from taxpayers, appraisers, attorneys, realtors and others.


Assessors are elected to a three-year term on a staggered basis and receive a modest annual stipend. Once elected, an assessor must complete a 30-hour course, conducted by the Department of Revenue, in assessment, administration and law.

General Information

The assessors' office is staffed by a full-time director of assessing and support staff. Assessors meetings are generally held twice a month in the evening.

Any questions regarding property, motor vehicle or boat valuations, as well as exemption and abatement procedures, can be answered during regular town hall hours.

The Fiscal 2023 tax rates are $12.00 (Residential) and $16.98 (Commercial, Industrial, Personal Property)  per $1,000/value.



 (Commercial, Industrial, Personal Property) per $1000 of value.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Kelly Koska M.A.A. Principal Assessor 508-998-0200 x 4205
Nicole Peckham Administrative Assistant 508-998-0200 x 4206

Board Members

Liberio Soares


Term Expires 2025

Matthew Lopes


Term Expires 2024

Robert Brown


Term Expires 2026