Street Naming Committee


  • The primary purpose for the Street Name Committee is to make sure that requested street names are not too similar to existing street names. 

  • This could cause undue lengthy response times due to emergency vehicles responding to wrong locations as a result of miscommunication or misunderstanding. 

  • For this reason, the Board of Selectmen decided to appoint the two heads of the Town's Public Safety Departments to this committee. 

  • Street names, along with sub-division plans are submitted to the Planning Board. They are then submitted to the Street Name Committee for approval. 

  • The Director of the Emergency Medical Service/ Fire Chief, and the Police Chief then meet and decide whether or not the names are in conflict with other existing streets. 

  • This information is then passed back to the Planning Board with the recommendation of approval for adoption or rejected for re-naming.

Committee Members

Name Title
Kevin A. Gallagher Fire Chief
Christopher R Richmond Police Chief