Cable Department

The Acushnet Cable Advisory Committee was originally formed when the Town of Acushnet negotiated a contract with cable television providers. The initial contract was negotiated by the Board of Selectmen. The Selectmen then appointed a Cable Advisory Committee prior to negotiations on the extension of the original contract. The Cable Advisory Committee was charged to review and negotiate future contracts, review and establish cable policies and obtain cable television rights from cable operators and/or providers.

The committee members established policies related to the broadcast of cable shows, on channel 18 and policies for the community bulletin board which is also shown on channel 18 on a round the clock basis. The Town Administrator is authorized to sign the payroll vouchers for the camera operators and other cable activities, which may include the purchase of cameras, video tapes and audio equipment needed for the four broadcasting locations within the town.

The camera operators are in charge of the daily programming schedule for the government channel, channel 18 and the community bulletin board also shown on channel 18. The normal schedule of programming show program events taped during the previous week beginning on Saturday of every week. The number of events programmed for showing during the week depends entirely on the time of each event, but in most cases we show three different town meetings at various times during the day, each day for the entire week. The bulletin board is updated weekly and events are posted when requested by town departments or other non-profit agencies.

All camera operators must go through a period of training with the JVC camera prior to filming any town event. The Town trains the operators on the fundamentals of filming an event. Covered are such basics as the inner workings of the JVC camera, how to "white out" the camera prior to filming and the procedures the camera operator must go through to ensure that the filmed event is reviewable and ready for broadcasting. The Town then insures all the camera operators follow a standard set of operating conditions prior to filming an event. This process the Town believes will insure that the viewing public gets a product that is comparable to the industry.

The Town would like anyone interested in becoming a camera operator to contact us. The Town has openings for alpha S.C.A.L.A. & VIP operators (bulletin board), editors and studio camera operators (Town Hall) as well as calzone operators (portable camera operations at the Senior Center and the Acushnet Elementary School). These positions range in pay from $75 to tape an event to $20 per hour to edit, operate the bulletin board and produce film clips.

The committee welcomes comments or suggestions: please feel free to make any comments or suggestions whether they be on the color of the web page, the filming of the many town events, the number of times an event airs, or any other recommendation.

Contact the cable committee at : 122 Main Street, Acushnet, MA or by email at

Staff Contacts

John Golda
Eric Golda
Michael Green
Donald Lopes
Fred Nazarchyk