Agricultural Commission

A town agricultural commission (AgCom) is an appointed town standing committee whose members are primarily engaged in farming and are responsible for:

  • Representing the farming community
  • Encouraging the pursuit of agriculture
  • Promoting agricultural-based economic opportunities
  • Preserving, revitalizing, and sustaining the communities’ agricultural businesses and lands

AgComs are:

  • Mapping farms and farmlands
  • Identifying farmers' and the community's needs, issues and concerns
  • Serving as an information clearinghouse and forum for farm-town relations
  • Facilitating the technical, educational, business and regulatory assistance needed to farm and to live near farms
  • Developing trust and a working relationship among farmers, residents and institutions
  • Advocating at state and federal levels for support of community-identified agricultural needs
  • Facilitating access to conflict resolution services for farmers and the community
  • Hosting community agricultural events
  • Recommending actions on land use programs that would help agriculture thrive, including Chapter 61, tax valuation, APR and other preservation programs and right-to-farm by-laws
  • Seeking out informational and educational resources relevant to farms and farm communities
  • Matching farmers with available land and helping the landowner and the farmer promote sustained use
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Commission Members

Name Title
Norma York Chairperson
Robert Gilmore, Jr. Board Member
Richard Miranda Board Member
Scott Harding Board Member
Joseph Pereira Board Member
Thomas Whitehead