Employment with APD

The Acushnet Police Department is a Civil Service agency within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Therefore the Acushnet Police Department hires patrol officers in accordance with Civil Service Guidelines. 

The Civil Service police test is given every two years and information can be obtained through the civil service website.  Please visit the Civil Service website for information on how to sign up for the next exam and when it will be given.  You can also contact the Human Resources Division at 1-800-392-6178.

After taking the competitive state exam, you will be given a score and a ranking number on the Acushnet Police Civil Service list.  The Acushnet Police Department hires only permanent intermittent officers off of the Civil Service list. 

Prospective candidates for employment with the Acushnet Police Department are then selected from this list based on score.  Those applicants who are selected from the list for possible employment must also successfully complete an oral interview, a medical examination, a physical abilities test, a psychological evaluation and a thorough background check prior to being appointed as an Acushnet Police Officer.

Once appointed, you will be trained and work on a part time basis.  You will then be considered for full time employment once you are trained and work an extended period of time as a part time officer.

The Acushnet Police Department does not hire Special Police Officers or Seasonal Police Officers. The Acushnet Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer. At this time there are no civilian employment opportunities available.