Do's & Don'ts Of Summer

  • Never leave your pets in a car, even with the windows down. The inside of a car can reach temperatures in excess of 150 degrees in a matter of minutes.

  • If possible, pets should be kept indoors during excessive heat.

  • Do keep plenty of fresh water out for all of your animals.

  • Do have adequate shelter for your animals to get out of the heat.

  • Never put a kennel on black top. During hot weather sidewalks and black top radiate excessive amounts of heat and can be too hot for the pads of your pet's paws. Consider that if the sidewalk is too hot for you to walk on barefoor, it is to hot for your pet to walk on.

  • Put a tarp over your dog's kennel for added shade, try to place kennel in shaded area.

  • Plan outside activities with your pets during the cooler parts of the day; early morning and evening. Limit the outside activity of your pets during the heat of the day.

  • Allow access to the coolest part of your home. If you don't have air conditioning, or you turn it off while at work, make sure your pet can get a cool place, such as a basement.

  • Make sure all domestic animals are up to date on rabies vaccines.

  • License your dogs and adhere the license to their collar along with their rabies tags in case they get loose or hit by a motor vehicle.

  • Tag your cats with an I.D. collar in case they get lost.

  • Please be considerate of your neighbors and bring a bag with you when you walk your dog and pick up after him.

  • Take extra precautions in hot weather for dogs that are elderly, overweight, or snub-nosed.

  • Always have a diaster plan in place for you, your family, and yoru petes.

  • If you think your animals is suffering from heat stroke place cool towels on him and call your vet immediately.

  • Remember, WHEN YOU GO, THEY GO. DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT THEM. If you are told to evacuate, take your pets with you. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PETS BEHIND.

For low cost spay/neuter programs please call my office @ 508-998-9040.

Have a safe summer!!!!

If you go for long walks, bring water for your dog and try to walk early in the morning or early evening instead of mid day when it is the hottest.

*Please be informed that the Town of Acushnet has recently set up an Animal Gift Fund for the purpose of aiding the animals of Acushnet. If you would like to make a donation to this fund, you may do so by either check, cash or money order. If you are donating by check or money order, please make sure that the check or money order is made payable to the Town of Acushnet - Animal Gift Fund and mail to: Acushnet Town Hall, ATTN: Animal Control Officer, 122 Main Street, Acushnet, MA 02743. If you wish to donate cash, you may do so by coming into the Town Hall, Town Collector's office and please make sure to mention that this is for the Acushnet Animal Gift Fund.

The Animals of Acushnet would like to thank you in advance for your contribution.