Appointed Officials

Town Administrator
Brian S. Noble

Finance Director/Town Accountant
Julie Hebert

Town Treasurer
Kristie Costa

Health Agent
Joe Correia

Principal Assessor
Kelly Koska, MMA

Department Of Public Works Superintendent
Dan Menard

Library Director
Dina Brasseur

School Superintendent
Steve Donovan

School Business Manager
Kristen Flynn

Fire Chief/ EMS Director
Kevin Gallagher

Police Chief
Michael Alves

E.M.A. Director
Gerard Bergeron

A.D.A. Coordinator
James Marot

Acushnet Cultural Council
Stephen Watts
Jeanine Watts
Carole Hall
Dianna Couto
Christopher Saulnier, Chair

Lauren Holiday

Pauline Teixeira

Animal Control Officer/Inspector Of Animals
Rebekah Tomlinson

Assistant Animal Control Officer/Inspector Of Animals

Beautification Committee
Barbara Dupuis

Board Of Appeals
Paul Hipolito-Chair
Marc Cenerizio
Richard Lally
Carol Westgate

Robert Brown, Alternate

Building Board Of Appeals
Raymond F. Leblanc

Building Commissioner & Enforcement Agent for Selectmen (Acting)
James Marot

Deputy Building Inspector
Nathan Darling

By-Law Review Committee
Pam Labonte
Marc Laplante
Raymond Leblanc-Chair
James Marot
Leo Rousseau
Carol Westgate
John Howcroft, Alternate
Norval Stanley, Alternate

Community Preservation Committee
Evelyn Bouley, Resident
Marc Cenerizio, Planning Commission
Heidi Pelletier, Conservation Designee
Chad Leclair, Park Designee
Karen Knox, Resident
Lawrence Mulvey, Housing Authority, Chair
Joyce Reynolds, Historical Commission

Conservation Commission
Evelyn Bouley
Marc Brodeur
Ted Cioper
Heidi Pelletier
Everett Philla
Chris Green
Robert Rocha, Jr.

Conservation Agent
Merilee Kelly

Frank Adesso
Marc Laplante
Kelli Tomlinson
Herve Vandel, Jr.

Council on Aging
Pauline Cote
Marcia Mitchell
Marie Hardy
Paulette Hudson
Linda Guilbeault
Pauline Teixeira

Diana Defrias

Council on Aging Director
Paula Rossi-Clapp

Downtown Steering Committee
Charlotte Coutinho
Leo Rousseau
David Wojnar
Henry Young, Consultant

Finance Committee
Michael Boucher
Holly Fabian
Susan Delgado
Robert Ferreira
John Howcroft
Jacqueline Stanley
Eric McGlynn
Robert St. Jean, Chair

Forest Warden and Inspector of Garages
Kevin Gallagher

Golf Management & Operational Committee
John Abaray, Jr.
Robert Ferreira
David Flynn
Manuel Goulart
Ed Isaac

Manager of Golf
Dana Przybyszewski

Head Golf Professional

Growth Management Study Committee
Michael Alves
Marc Cenerizio

Herring Warden
Asst. Scott Perdigo

Historical Commission
Madeline Gwozdz
Robert Hall
Joyce Reynolds
Pauline Teixeira

Robert Gilmore

Scott Harding

Dunstan Whitlock

Housing Partnership Committee
Henry Young
Nicholas Gomes
Lynn Sigman
Michael Cioper
Kevin Gaspar
David Davignon
Daniel Menard 

Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School (District)
Paul Guilbeault
Evelyn Bouley
Michael Miller

Open Space Planning Committee
Board of Selectmen Rep.
Merilee Kelly, Conservation Agent
Marc Cenerizio
Robert Rocha

Parking Clerk
Brian S. Noble

PCB Representative on the New Bedford Superfund Forum

Phase II Stormwater Committee
Marc Cenerizio, Planning Commission
Brian S. Noble
Merilee Kelly, Conservation Agent

James Marot, Building Inspector
Dan Menard, Public Works
Joe Correia, Health Agent

Plumbing/Gas Inspector
Raymond Lafrance

Portable Sign Committee
James Marot, Building Inspector

PPWG - Harbor Trustee Council Member

Public Safety Building Committee
Michael Alves, Police Chief
Brian Noble, Town Administrator
Tom Decosta, Resident at Large
Jeremy Fontes, Police Officer
Kevin Gaspar, Sr., Chairman Board of Selectmen
Jim Marot, Building Commissioner
Robert St. Jean, Finance Committee Member
Henry Young, Town Planner

Safety Committee
Michael Alves
Brian S. Noble
Kevin Gallagher
James Marot
Dan Menard

Sealer of Weights & Measures
Theodore Machado

Shellfish Warden/Harbor Master
Robert Medeiros

Agricultural Commission

Norma York, Chair
Maria Gonsalves
Robert Gilmore

Scott Harding

Nancy Reddy

Richard Miranda, Alternate

Soil Conservation Board
Marc Cenerizio, (Planning Com.)
Garry Rawcliffe,   (Board of Selectmen)
Merilee Kelly,  (Conservation Comm.)
Robert Medeiros, (Board of Health)
Dan Menard, (Board of Public Works)
Soil Conservation Board Inspector

Special Police Officer New Bedford Water Works SRTA Advisory Committee
Dan Menard

Street Naming Committee
Michael Alves
Kevin Gallagher
Brian S. Noble

Town Collector
Kristie Costa

Tax Title Custodian
Kristie Costa

Tilcon Capaldi Closure Plan Committee
David Wojnar
Raymond Leblanc

Town Counsel
Kopelman & Paige, P.C.

Veteran's Agent - Veteran's Burial Agent
Ron Cormier

Weigher (Tilcon, Capaldi)
Sarah Fitzgerald
Ron Burke
Antone DeMello
Rick Leaver
Katherine Lena
Michael Oliveira
Jonathan Souza

Wire Inspector
Frank Knox

Deputy Wire Inspectors
Thomas DeCosta
Victor Pereira

Registrar of Voters
Joseph Costa
Jeanie Soucy

Election Workers
Dorothy F. Gomes, Inspector
Jeanne L. Duggan, Inspector
Marie M. Hardy, Inspector
Faye M. Philla, Warden
Susanne Y. Sounik, Inspector
Louise L. Benoit, Inspector
Catherine L. Audette, Inspector
Lillian R. Contois, Warden
Diane Ferreira, Clerk
Carol E. Gravanis, Inspector
Hailey E. Roy, Inspector
Joyce A. Wylie-Scholz, Inspector
Donna G. Forand, Inspector
Dianna Couto-Warden
Donna M. Labrode, Inspector
Paulette J. Hudson, Inspector
Maria M. Moore, Warden
Margaret M. Mota, Inspector
Priscilla V. Santos, Inspector
Louise M. Desroches, Inspector
Anita Poitras, Inspector
Andrea Corrie, Inspector
Russell W. Goyette, Inspector
Everett C. Philla, Jr., Inspector
Pamela G. Tripp, Inspector
Carolyn C. Fortin, Clerk
Lori M. Walsh, Inspector
Joanne K. Cioper, Inspector

Energy Committee
David Wojnar
Henry Young
John Roy
James Marot
Merilee Kelly