Building Department

Visit or Call your Local Code Official:

The Code Official will ask "What are you planning to do?" and "Where are you planning to do it?". Then, the Code Official will explain the requirements (codes/ordinances) regarding your project. An application for a building permit will be given to you at this time. This initial contact will provide the resources and information you will need to make your project a success and avoid potential problems which could cost you time and money.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
James Marot Building Inspector (508) 998-0225
Nate Darling Deputy Building Inspector (508) 998-0225
Brigette Benoit Senior Clerk (508) 998-0225
Frank Knox Wiring Inspector (508) 995-6469
Thomas DeCosta Deputy Wiring Inspector (508) 998-0225
Raymond LaFrance Plumbing Inspector (508) 995-8602
William Alphonse, Jr. Deputy Plumbing Inspector (508) 998-0225