Energy Committee

In 2008 the Wind Study Committee was formed which turned into the Alternative Energy Committee which is now our Energy Committee. In April of 2010 Acushnet received a Grant from the American Recovery and reinvestment Act Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant for $150,000 for the installation of Solar Photovoltaic Panels at the Acushnet Fire Station.

Acushnet became a Green Community in December of 2013. This designation is quite an achievement and reflects the hard work and tireless effort Acushnet has exhibited in meeting the Green Communities Designation and Grant Program's Criteria. Meeting this criteria is proof of Acushnet's position as an energy leader in Massachusetts, poised to reduce its energy costs, improve the local environment and implement energy efficiency and renewable energy projects with funding through the Green Communities Designation and Grant Program.

Board Members

Name Title
James Marot Building Inspector
Henry Young Town Planner
John Roy Resident