Roll Call

The following is the roster for the Acushnet Police Department.  Below are the titles for every member of the department, including the normal shift that officer works and any special assignments that have been delegated to him or her.  Click on any officers name to see their email address with the department.  We encourage the community to utilize this email system for follow ups, questions or to schedule an appointment with an officer.

Chief of Police

Michael Alves


Tom Carreau (Detective)

Christopher Richmond

Gary Coppa

John Bolarinho

Full Time Officers

Paul Melo

Louann Jenkinson

Keith Ashley

Michael Matton

Derek Cathcart

Jeremy Fontes

Steve Soqui

Gary Rousseau

Kevin Walsh

Danny DeAmaral


Jim Costa

Part Time Officers

Mike Nunes

John Almeida

Jason Matton

Gene Robinson

Gary Moniz

Philip Adams

Ryan Lavoie


Jolene Oliver

Suzanne Nocon

Part-Time Dispatchers

Larry St.Jeann