A.P.D. Patches

The Acushnet Police Department does not trade or sell the shoulder patches that you see on this webpage.  You will find information on this page about the shoulder patches, both past and present, that are worn on our uniforms.

Shoulder  Patch designed in the early 1960's for wear on the duty uniform.  On the patch is red, blue and yellow the Acushnet River, a bridge and a few mills are depicted.  This particular picture is also the town seal.  Many paintings of this particular picture are located throughout the town in municipal buildings.  The actual location of this picture is at the town line of New Bedford and Acushnet.  It is where Main Street and Tarlkin Hill Road meet.  Now located at the exact site of the picture is the same bridge, N.A.P.A auto parts, The Rivers End Café and a hairstylist.

The Town of Acushnet was incorporated on February 13, 1860 and was originally called Acushnea.  This area included the towns of Dartmouth, Fairhaven, Westport, and New Bedford.

The Acushnet River, which is on the patch, begins in the north end of town and flows south into Buzzard’s Bay.  The bridge connects Acushnet with New Bedford.  Acushnet is a suburb of the city of New Bedford.

The area of the town on the patch was once known as the head of the river.  This area was part of the area that was crossed by the original settlers coming from the Plymouth area.  They lived in this area before moving west to the coast.  Many of the settlers moved to the areas of New Bedford, Dartmouth and Westport.  Settlers lived on both sides of the Acushnet River and called it Acushnea.  The area once known as Acushnea is now New Bedford, Dartmouth and Fairhaven. 



"Subdued" Shoulder Patch designed in 2005 for wear on BDU's and in-climate weather uniforms.