Homeland Security

Acushnet Seeking Emergency Volunteers:

Local group helps reshape flu response:

  • Standard-Times Article:  November 27, 2007

Governor-Elect Public Safety Meeting:

  • Read Fire Chief's Testimony to Governor-Elect Transition Team

Hurricane Preparedness Tips:

  • What Families Need To Do To Prepare For The Hurricane Season

Pandemic Influenza Planning:

  • Family Guide, Checklist, and Information Sheets

Basic Influenza Protection:

  • Helpful tips to safeguard against Influenza

Pandemic Information:

  • Informative websites regarding the Avian Flu

Region Readies for Flu Plague:

Learn More About the Avian Flu:

  • Understanding Pandemics - March 23, 2006

Homeland Security Awareness:

  • Acushnet's Homeland Security Advisory System