Radio Station Call Signs 
WPPC558 Government
WA1EMA Amateur Radio
NNN0GPN Military Auxiliary Radio System(MARS)

Our communications department consists of experienced and trained radio operators many of which are also amateur radio operators. Our department handles dispatch of all emergency management personal as well as help provide communication from town to state in an emergency situation or disaster.  We also provide information to the national weather service to help provide ground truth for timely watches and warning for our area.  We work closely with other emergency management agencies and have agreements with them to cross communicate whenever needed.  Our primary mission is to make sure all departments within the town are able to communicate in all conditions as well as keep a connection at all times with the state for resource requests. 

The Acushnet's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has a large facet of communications methods available for disasters.  Many times in disasters telephony systems fail.  With that in mind Acushnet EMA tries to add any possible method to help to be able to communicate outside of the town.  This communication link is set up to assist the town in requesting additional resources during a time of need or sending a report back to the state on the towns progress.  It can also serve as a center for disaster intelligence for other agencies such as the national weather service or the hurricane center in Florida.

This dispatch center has UHF radios which allows us to communicate with all town agencies as well as surrounding towns.  It is also equipped with amateur radios for VHF UHF and HF bands (including MARS frequencies).   These radios form a robust back up for all town and state owned systems.  The amateur band is also used by the weather service to gather weather information which is a program called Skywarn.