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Acushnet Town Hall
122 Main Street
Acushnet, MA 02743

Phone: 508-998-9040
Fax: 508-998-0203

  • Enforces the Town By-Laws relating to dogs and the General Laws of Massachusetts in the care of strays and homeless animals.

  • Answers all dog and animal complaints.
  • Enforces dog licensing and leash laws.

I am available to all town residents by calling the Office of the Acushnet Animal Control Officer at 508-998-9040.

For emergencies, please call the Acushnet Police Department at 508-998-0240.

Rebekah Tomlinson, Animal Control Officer Dog Officer/Inspector of Animals


 Spayed Female Dogs & Neutered Male Dogs

$9 per year

 Unaltered Female & Male Dogs

 $12 per year

 Fine for Failure to License

$25 - 1st offense, $50 - 2nd offense

1-4 Dogs

$20 per year

5-15 Dogs

$50 per year

Over 15 Dogs

$100 per year

Boarding Charge for Picked Up Strays

$25 per day


*Dog Licensing Period: January 1st through December 31st.

*Grace Period for Licensing your dog/dogs is March 31st.

Announcements from the Animal Control Officer

-- The Red Fox

Here is some information on the pesky red fox that keeps surfacing on everyone's property.

Do not feed foxes or any animals outside, if you have domestic animals, do not leave food down after they are done eating.

When they have a constant food source, they will show less fear of humans. This could pose some problems (bites, scratches or encounters with your domestic pets) This is why it is a state law that all domestic animals are up to date with rabies shots. Check with your veterinarian for the status of your animals rabies vaccine.

Do eliminate shelter that could be attractive to foxes or their prey: construction debris, brush piles, wood piles are habitat for foxes, chipmunks, rabbits and woodchucks. Clean the areas of your yard to make it look park-like, manicured.

Do use negative reinforcement: don't hesitate to scare and threaten any fox you encounter in and around your yard. Loud noises, bright lights will want these foxes to avoid your yard.

Spread the word to your neighbors to do likewise.

Do not be afraid if you see a fox or any other wild animal out during the day, it does not mean they have rabies. It is common to see them at dusk or dawn or sometimes in the middle of the day sun bathing. Remember this is the time of year most wild animals have their babies, they are teaching them social skills, how to hunt and take care of themselves.

Please do not leave small children outside unattended, if they come across a den of fox or think the kits (baby fox) are a puppy or small cat your children could get scratched or bitten. Then they would have to get a series of rabies shots and the first one is directly into the wound, ouch!!!!! Teach your children now to respect wild animals. We can all live together. After all they were here long before all of the development in towns and cities. We keep cutting down their Homes, so their is no alternative but for them to come into our back yards to look for food and shelter.

Foxes are omnivorous which means they eat small rodents, squirrels, rabbits, birds, eggs, insects, vegetation, fruit and carrion.

If you are feeding the birds in your back yards, you are inviting wild animals to come and feast as well.

You can contact your local florist, there are natural products out there that are environmentally safe, for your lawn, children and your domestic animals but ward off wild animals.

So when you see any wild baby animals do not handle them, their mom is out getting their food and will return. Once your scent is on the animal the mother may reject them and they may die. Remember the chance of survival is much greater when they are being looked after by their mom.

Do not be alarmed when you see wild animals out during the day as long as they are not showing signs of aggression: foaming at the mouth, attacking the air or walking disoriented. Some may be over friendly and not appear to be afraid by your presence, make loud noises, throw objects in their direction but never corner a wild animal. If you should come across a wild animal in your garage because you left it open the night before, leave it alone when things are quiet, it will leave. After it has left your garage, close the door.

Be sure to clean your grill after cook outs, the smell is quite enticing to these animals. Do not throw out bread for the birds, you will be inviting unwanted guests for dinner.

If any one is having problems with wild animals, and you would like to learn more about them, I have literature, which I can make available to you, just call my office @ 508-998-9040.


  • Do keep plenty of fresh water out for all of your animals.

  • Do have adequate shelter for your animals to get out of the heat.

  • Never put a kennel on black top. The temperature is drastically hotter than if it were on cement.

  • Put a tarp over your dog's kennel for added shade, try to place kennel in shaded area.

  • Do not travel with your animal on hot summer days and leave them in the car. They will become dehydrated and possibly get heat stroke.

  • Make sure all domestic animals are up to date on rabies vaccines.

  • License your dogs and adhere the license to their collar along with their rabies tags in case they get loose or hit by a motor vehicle.

  • Tag your cats with an I.D. collar in case they get lost.

  • Please be considerate of your neighbors and bring a bag with you when you walk your dog and pick up after him.

  • If you think your animals is suffering from heat stroke place cool towels on him and call your vet immediately.

For low cost spay/neuter programs please call my office @ 508-998-9040.

Have a safe summer!!!!

If you go for long walks, bring water for your dog and try to walk early in the morning or early evening instead of mid day when it is the hottest.

*Please be informed that the Town of Acushnet has recently set up an Animal Gift Fund for the purpose of aiding the animals of Acushnet. If you would like to make a donation to this fund, you may do so by either check, cash or money order. If you are donating by check or money order, please make sure that the check or money order is made payable to the Town of Acushnet - Animal Gift Fund and mail to: Acushnet Town Hall, ATTN: Animal Control Officer, 122 Main Street, Acushnet, MA 02743. If you wish to donate cash, you may do so by coming into the Town Hall, Town Collector's office and please make sure to mention that this is for the Acushnet Animal Gift Fund.

The Animals of Acushnet would like to thank you in advance for your contribution.


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